Domali Cafe: Welcoming, vegetarian indulgence

The beginning of 2014 is well behind us and becoming a faint speck in our rear view mirrors. Soon enough we will leave spring for some gorgeous hazy Ray-Ban worthy weather.


Remember those New Years’ Resolutions that made you stand boldly with your chest out as you poured its benefits enthusiastically down the throat of an innocent bystander at work? I do.


Mine was to get out and uncover the gems that make Crystal Palace unique in its gleaming splendour. First up is one of Crystal Palace’s few veggie and pescatarian spots, Domali Cafe.


Domali Cafe sits a little past the middle of Westow Hill. I’m extremely lucky to have bonded with a longer-standing resident of Crystal Palace who initially recommended me visiting and experiencing their natural foods and drinks. They are open till 11pm so if you work late and fancy treating yourself to a tasty reward, Domali is the place to go.


On the fateful early evening of Tuesday I succumbed to Domali’s welcoming glow. Through wind battered eyes I was content with being inside and surrounded then by warmth. I was then made internally ecstatic by the fact that the sofa area was free for my sole indulgence. Headphones down, heavy luggage in the form of an overfilled bag and unnecessarily long winter coat was all emptied on to the sofa, it was time to munch.


My choice of drink had to be the Domali Juice. It would be a tad rude to be a temporary resident of the Domali ‘house’ and not sample their signature juice. When I eat out I go with the intention to introduce my palette to foods and drinks it hasn’t experienced before. For food, I settled almost firmly for the Emmental cheese, tomato and veggie bacon toastie on granary bread.


Domali Veggie lunch for one

The Domali juice arrived first, naturally. I had to fight my internal need to take more than three sips as it was that good. Currently not being the biggest fan of melon ‘tout seul’, all on its lonesome, I was pleasantly surprised how well it complimented the apple and strawberry. When my toastie arrived I had another battle on my hands: trying to take small bites rather than wolfing it down and being burnt by hot tomato.


In the end, I’m sure my tongue was severed slightly by all of the tomatoes in this amazing toastie. Being a novice to veggie bacon I was suspicious of being on the receiving end of ‘itus’, the overwhelming feeling of well fed stomach. ‘Itus’ is the reason why we have to pop the top button of the jeans in secrecy. Pork usually has this effect on me. Although I made a mess within five minutes I was able to take confident strides on Westow Hill.


Speaking to the friendly bunch over at The Secret Garden I agree and, don’t be shocked if you were to find that carnivores can’t help but get stuck into vegetarian treats. Sometimes even more so than the meat heavy ones! I’ve seen it with my own eyes at social dos: the meat table seeming to grow larger by the second, the veggie table covered in crumbs. Its how the vegetarian treat is executed that makes the difference. Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores alike will definitely find something to graze on happily at Domali.

Crumbs galore


NOW is as good a time as any to follow through on any mental notes to self for change. Instead of jotting down yet another addition to a currently endless list of ‘Things to Do’ its time to grasp life with both hands NOW!